Why You Should Consider a Senior Living Community

By September 17, 2020 Podcast

Senior living communities are often stigmatized by caregivers. Too often, they think they’re putting their loved ones “away.” But in reality, the right senior living community can help your loved ones thrive in later years. 

Not only do they have as much care as they need, but they can connect with other seniors in the same boat — which they can’t get if they’re isolated in their own home.

But every senior living community is different. And some provide better care and opportunities than others. 

In this episode, Alaine Capper from The Arbor Company joins me to reveal key things to look for in potential senior living communities, how to properly “vet” the best senior living communities, and why senior living communities give your loved ones the best possible quality of life. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why isolation is especially deadly for seniors battling dementia (and the easy way to prevent it) ([3:37]
  • The insidious way stigmas sabotage your loved one’s quality of life ([6:36]
  • Early warning signs that your loved one’s cognitive abilities are slipping ([10:29]
  • The single best way to “vet” senior living communities to ensure they make a great home ([15:11]

If you’d like to talk more with Alaine, you can give her a call at 817-819-9144 or call The Vantage at City View and ask for Alaine. 

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