What are the warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease?

By December 10, 2020 Podcast

Between the stress of the times we’re living in and the natural progression of aging, it can be hard to determine if your loved one is showing signs of a more serious condition like Alzheimer’s Disease.

You must educate yourself on recognizing what to look for so that you can get the appropriate treatment as necessary.

In this episode, Cognitive Decline expert Alex Namath discusses the 10 must-know warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease and steps to take to slow cognitive decline.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • A common vitamin deficiency that can cause Alzheimer’s-like symptoms and how to treat it ([3:25])
  • Why relying on sticky notes is a dire warning sign of cognitive decline ([4:17])
  • The surprising reason long-term memory issues aren’t a cause for concern (and what you should be looking for instead) ([7:08])
  • The “Broken Picture” exercise to strengthen the brain and fight off memory issues ([10:43])
  • Why finishing your loved one’s sentences when they seem to be stuck looking for a word could be accelerating cognitive problems ([11:19])
  • The disturbing reason TV preachers love Alzheimer’s patients ([14:14])
  • A social danger as devastating to your loved one’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day ([16:42])
  • Why you can easily miss the warning signs of Alzheimer’s in those closest to you and how to fix this today ([19:32])

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