Tips in understanding Medicare – Part 1

By October 22, 2020 Podcast

As your loved one ages, regular insurance companies shy away from what they view as a higher risk. When they reach the age of 65, Medicare becomes the foundation of the health care plan.

But there are so many options. Some provided by the government, some by private health insurance companies. What is the right choice for your family member?

In this episode, independent insurance broker Jack Townsend shares what you need to know to ensure your loved one continues to get the best possible medical care as they age. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Simple signs you need to talk with a professional about medicare to protect your loved one’s health ([3:13])
  • Why traditional Medicare may not be the best option for your loved one and how to find a plan tailored to their needs ([8:00])
  • The truth about Medicare reimbursement rates and how to protect your family from financial catastrophe ([8:31])
  • Why understanding the letters A, B, C, and D can save you from devastating financial loss due to health issues ([13:27])
  • Why understanding the 2 primary Medicare options is crucial to ensuring your loved one has proper medical care as they age ([14:04])
  • How to avoid being stuck in a foreign country with no medical coverage ([15:57])

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