Rehab Hospital? Skilled Nursing Facility? What is that?

By December 3, 2020 Podcast

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all medical care. Every situation is different and requires a different level of treatment. However, it can be confusing to sift through all the options to figure out what is best for your loved one.

Facilities and insurance companies all have their own interests in the care your loved one receives. So how can you tell what is the best solution?

In this episode, Hospital Administrator and Social Worker Becky Wiggins discusses the difference between in-patient rehab and skilled nursing care and how you can get insurance to cover the treatment that is needed (rather than what’s cheapest).

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Measurable Medical standards that indicate your loved one may need to be in a rehab hospital ([4:32])
  • The 2 defining factors that distinguish in-patient rehab from skilled nursing and how to tell which is right for your loved one ([6:13])
  • Common misconceptions about what insurance will pay for and where you can get straight answers ([10:53])
  • How rehab hospitals can convince insurance companies to cover things you can’t and how to start the process ([11:14])
  • Why you’ll benefit from attending a rehab presentation no matter how good your loved one’s health is right now ([15:56])

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