How to pick a Home Care Company?

By October 8, 2020 Podcast

With growing numbers of seniors requiring extensive ongoing medical care, more families are opting for home care. Most people want to stay in their homes, so it looks like an easy decision.

Until you start researching care options.

There are multiple options available, from independent workers to agencies to doing it yourself.

But if you don’t know the right questions to ask, you can find yourself facing problems from poor care quality to legal liabilities.

In this episode, I help you cut through the confusion and tell you exactly what to look for (and essential questions to ask) when deciding on the best home care option for your loved one. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The surprising reason private home care services can cost you far more than you bargained for ([3:42])
  • Questions you must ask home care workers to avoid massive liability issues ([4:23])
  • Why home care agency workers employment status can open you up to a big financial burden (if you don’t ask the question we suggest at [6:18])
  • The biggest advantage you as a family caregiver have over home care agencies ([9:42])
  • The devastating mental toll family caregivers pay and how to avoid it ([11:03])
  • Why so-called “non-skilled” home care takes more skill than you think ([11:53])

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