Financial Tips You Need to Know – Part 1

By November 5, 2020 Podcast

Planning for your loved one’s care is a challenge. When you add financial planning to the mix, it can get overwhelming. If you try to do it alone, you could create a financial catastrophe.

So what kind of help do you need and who should you get it from? Family? A professional?

In this episode, financial advisor Tena Burrell discusses why you should always divide planning duties, how to find the right professional for your situation, and when you should first discuss financial plans with your loved one. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How to break the devastating cycle of “hair on fire” planning and get your finances in order ([2:19])
  • Why it’s a terrible idea to have more than one child share financial planning duties for their parents ([7:01])
  • Essential estate planning documents that ensure your loved one maintains the lifestyle they worked so hard to achieve ([5:59])
  • Why “one and done” planning decisions can destroy family relationships ([13:05])
  • How financial professionals can help you avoid awkward conversations about money in the most stressful situations ([15:53])
  • Why paying for outside planning help can save your loved one thousands of dollars ([20:11])

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